No Malvern Rocks in 2017

Sadly, there will be no Malvern Rocks in 2017.


We started planning the festival shortly after last 2015's successful event and came to the conclusion that to grow and expand we would benefit from becoming a Charitable Incorporated Organisation or CIO.


Becoming a CIO would put us on a different legal footing to the voluntary organisation we started out as. This would enable us to apply for grants through the Arts Council and other bodies which in turn would give us the funds required to put on the festival.


Our big plan for this year was to move away from being a charity event with our performers playing for free, to a more professional event with remuneration for artists, sound engineers, PA suppliers, organisers and helpers. We also wanted to get some 'big-name' bands to headline the festival and have some ‘pop up’ marquee venues in parks around the town. These marquees would also serve as venues for spoken word, comedy, literature and theatrical events that would take Malvern Rocks into new territory as a Music and Performing Arts Festival.


At first it seemed changing our status to a CIO would be a relatively simple and straight forward process. However, that has not proved to be the case. Each step in the process has held up our planning while making grant applications has impinged on our deadline. Given that we are a small organisation (this year we have a core group of four) we have also been short of time as individuals as we all have daytime jobs. As a result we are too far behind to realistically put on a successful festival, and rather than do it badly we would prefer to put our efforts into making next year’s Malvern Rocks the event it deserves to be.


In the past and this year we have charged participating venues to put on Malvern Rocks. These venue fees go towards promotion including posters, wristbands, t-shirts, badges and our Malvern Rocks programme. The organisers, along with many hours of their time, have also provided financial backing for the festival.


We will refund all venue fees in full and hope that our issues this year will not deter the venues from being part of Malvern Rocks in the future.


We look forward to a better outcome next year and hope that everyone will still want to be involved.


Thank you for your understanding.

The Malvern Rocks Team